Have you considered how HYPNOSIS can be utilised to improve your bottom line results?


What if YOU and YOUR TEAM could master a change in Mindset that dramatically improves your business results? Guaranteed.

Imagine how powerful you and your team could become and what you can achieve in business.

Think about it ... NOW!

If minds could be rewired quickly... what would be wished for?

More confidence?

Greater sales ability?

Mastery of your profession?

What if I told you it is possible to put someone into such a deeply relaxed state that they could easily take on new ideas?  New paradigms about life, success and work?

Imagine what you can do with this ability?

My name is Wayne Donnelly.


You will experience powerful changes :-

1. in your performance,

2. your team's performance,

3. a huge improvement in your bottom line.

Check out the following videos and view them in the context of what you would do with this power. 

Video 1.

This video demonstrates how quickly people can be hypnotised when I work with them. I had not met these volunteers prior to hypnotising them.

(Hypnosis shows are my hobby and a dynamic demonstration of the power of your mind.)


Video 2.

I had only met Harim about ten minutes prior to this demonstration to hypnotise him.

The suggestion you hear me give him was that his hands would be stuck on his head and he would be unable to move. In essence I spoke directly to his unconscious mind to make this his reality. What if I changed the reality of your team that enabled them to improve the bottom line of your business?