Wayne is a dynamic speaker who prides himself on engaging his audience with making real impact and change.

Select from one of his well known and respected key-note topics that lead into smaller workshops or speak with Wayne to customise a presentation thats suites your workplace needs. 


1. Ultimate Confidence


Discover what it take to create a level of confidence that enables you to go above and beyond your previous limiting beliefs. A 5 step guide to your ultimate confidence {my notes - (1. Get clear on your outcome 2. Turn your focus off the negative and onto the positive 3. Anchor "confidence" so you can switch it on at will 4. Eliminate negative self talk 5. Embed positive outlook) }

3. Gold in your Mind


As within, so without. While we can have a logical or head knowledge of how to create and attract wealth - what about our relationship with wealth? Learn how values and beliefs can take us away from wealth and how to turn that around

Keynote Topics 
  • Ultimate Confidence
  • Irresistible Influence
  • Gold In Your Mind
  • Creating Your Ultimate Self
  • The 3 R's Of Resilience

2. Irresistible Influence


How do you take a meeting with a total stranger and make it into a memorable event for them AND at the same time use skills of influence to have them move in your direction - if appropriate. Think of how you could use that to help build others up  - in the workplace, at home, on the sports field.


4. Creating Your Ultimate Self 


Do you dream of being , having or doing so much more than you are experiencing now? What does it take to reinvent yourself in such a way that you can create the Ultimate you. The keys to your Ultimate Self are in your unconscious mind. Find out how to use them.

Create powerful change
in your workplace.