Improve Life With Your Unconscious Mind

I ❤️ helping people improve their results.

And as all causation is mental, then the mind is the place to start.

To the degree we believe - is the degree to which we create our results.

Yesterday was determining the starting point for this weeks exercise.

It was to calibrate where your self image is ___%

What does this feel like? What label do you give it? What do you say about yourself?

Today’s tip is to know your goal.

For you to be who you want to be, do what you want to do and have what you want to have - what would your self image ___% have to be?

Is there a role model that you can identify?

The reason you haven’t achieved what you wanted so far is because your self image is out of alignment with what you want.

In the next few days we will explore a few tips to get your self image into alignment with the ideal you.

For questions and learning more , message me

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