What is an Addiction?

I ❤️❤️❤️ helping people overcome their challenges, like addictions. What is an addiction? Addiction is when a person is unable to consistently abstain from a behavior or substance. This is typically at the cost of their mental and physical health. Substance addiction is dependence on any one or more of the following: nicotine, or tobacco alcohol inhalants, often household items like oven cleaners, spray paints, or other aerosol products drugs, illicit or non-illicit medication Studies suggest that behavioral addictions are as serious as substance addictions. Both types result in dependency and have the same or similar negative consequences. Behavioral addiction can include: gambling working sex shopping video games using the Internet or media January could be the time for you to Break Your Addictions - or help someone you know to start the pathway

Join me for a Zoom series across January to learn 7 powerful and dynamic mind control techniques to change behaviour and Break Addictions.

From Creating Awareness and Developing Motivation... to Overcoming The Past Traumas and Negative Experience ... to Building a New Self Image/Identity.. to Embedding New Behaviour Patterns

Click this link to (or copy and paste)

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I ❤️❤️❤️ helping people overcome their challenges, like addictions.

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