Wayne holds small group workshops covering a variety of specific outcomes. Select from one of the below workshop topics that Wayne is well known and respected for or speak with Wayne to customise a workshop that specifically meets the demands of your workplace, your mind and the situation around you

This is where REAL results happen!

1. Ultimate Confidence

Learn how to keep your mind under control. Rather than let the negative self talk overtake you, banish it and replace it with powerful and empowering self talk. Develop the confidence to be able to be, do or have whatever you want, whenever you want. Banish your fears and be able to - speak in public with ease, make difficult conversations easier whether face to face or on the phone, approach prospects confidently.

Key Outcomes

  • Learn how to create a confident state of mind in any situation

  • Remove all fears that hold you back

  • Discover how to take control of your mind and the situation around you

3. Gold In Your Mind

Discover how your values and beliefs dictate your results and why they create blocks to achieving the wealth you long for in your life. Experience how shifting your hierarchy of values changes what your mind will focus on. Learn how to work on your beliefs in a way that creates change.

Key Outcomes

  • Change your values to reflect what you want

  • Shift your beliefs about wealth to be aligned with wealth

  • Gain the skill of how to change your beliefs to get what you want.

Available Workshops

4. The Ultimate You 


If its true that "Whatever you conceive and believe ...you can achieve"... then learn how to create/conceive the ultimate, ideal version of yourself. Learn this skill in such a way as to imprint this version of you deep inside your unconscious mind. Then let your unconscious mind find the way there. At the same time, cut the cords to those old things that used to hold you back.

Key Outcomes

  • Gain crystal clear clarity on your goals

  • Learn how to use your unconscious mind like a GPS

  • Increase your level of certainty about achieving your goals

  • Be happier about yourself and who you are 

2. Irresistible Influence

Discover the secrets of creating deep rapport easily and effortlessly with anyone you communicate with. You will learn how to speak in the language of your boss, prospect, colleague or lover in a way that endears you to them. They will say that they don't know why but it seems like you are just like them. Rapport is the starting point with all successful interactions. Master this skill and you will be way ahead in the communication and influence stakes. Then learn how to use persuasive language so powerful they will think its their idea to do what you want.

Key Outcomes

  • Read the body and interpret the language of anyone you communicate with

  • Develop the skill of developing rapport

  • Learn key linguistic skills to move the communication in your favour